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I asked Nathan Hubbard to come in for a session recently and he was really enthusiastic.  Nate is one of the most active musicians I know of in San Diego.  He performs with at least a half dozen bands regularly and has lots of his own different projects highlighting his percussive talents.  Passengers is just one snapshot of his work, and is one of the most interesting ones.  To start, it features Nate on vibes instead of his usual drum kit.  And the sound of this group is unlike anything I’ve ever heard played out locally.  These interlocking grooves have a special droning quality to them that sounds sometimes reminiscent of an Indonesian gamelan.  But it’s surprisingly dance-able and lots of fun when I see these guys play around town.

Aside from winning a San Diego Music Award last year for his album Encinitas and Everything After, he’s putting together a pretty amazing large ensemble piece to be performed at Bread & Salt later this Spring that everyone should keep their ears open about.  You can check out more of his work here:


And the other players on this session are also ace musicians.  They are all active in lots of other projects that perform jazz and other musics locally on the regs.  It was a real pleasure working with all of them.  They did the heavy lifting of making this session sound great, and we didn’t need to do much to get it there the rest of the way.

2016-01-19 19.01.002016-01-19 19.00.422016-01-19 19.00.51

Nathan Hubbard – Vibraphone
Mack Leighton – Electric Bass (left)
Kevin Jones – Electric Bass (right)
Dillon Casey – Electric Guitar
Matt Smith – Drums

Engineered by David Feldman, Roy Silverstein and Daniel McClenaghan at Rarefied Recording

Signal Flow

Kick -> Electrovoice RE-20 -> Chandler TG-2 500 -> Purple Audio MC77 -> Speck ASC-V

Snare (top) -> Ear Trumpet Labs Edwina -> John Hardy M-1 -> Neve 33609J/D

Snare (bottom) -> Shure Beta 57 -> John Hardy M-1 -> Neve 33609J/D

Rack Tom -> Shure SM57 w/ TAB Funkenwerk transformer mod -> API 3124+

Floor Tom -> Shure SM57 -> API 3124+

Drum Overheads -> 2x Coles 4038 -> Helios Type 69 500

Electric Bass (left) -> RCA BK-5B -> Shadow Hills Mono Gama -> Skibbe Electronics “Red Stripe” 5-9C

Electric Bass (right) -> Soundelux ifet7 -> Mercury m72s -> Universal Audio LA-3A

Electric Guitar mic 1 -> Royer R-121 – > Chandler Germanium

Electric Guitar mic 2 -> Shure SM7 -> Great River MP2-NV

Vibraphone -> 2x Audio Technica AT4050 -> Electrodyne 501 -> ADR Compex F760X-RS re-issue

All tracks  run through the Toft ATB32 mixing board.

2-Channel mix -> Pultec (Pulse Techniques) EQM-1S3 -> Smart Research C1 -> Burl B2 Bomber ADC -> Pro Tools


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