We recently had one of our most interesting sessions with this experimental dance music group Orchid X Mantis.  It’s hard to accurately describe the eclectic elements that they mix together here – avant garde classical and modern R&B, chamber drum & bass music?  It may be best to let these compositions speak for themselves.

This group has an all-star cast of very talented and accomplished musicians who do lots of things in San Diego’s music community.  Issac on drums composes most of the music.  Nina rocks some sweet vocoder crooning, but she’s also a big part of the Sounds of Our City homeless choir and lots of other projects.  Heading up the string section on Cello, Caitlin is also featured in the La Jolla Symphony.

We also have our first returning musicians to San Diego Music Wire on this session.  Harley Magsino works out his pedal board on some serious electric bass, and Mack Leighton also plays upright bass (the second session he’s played on with two basses).

Isaac Crow – Drums & Electronics
Caitlin Fahey Crow – Cello & Vocals
Nina Leilani Deering – Vocoder / Vocals
Harley Magsino – Electric Bass
Mackenzie Leighton – Upright Bass
Peter Clark – Violin
Paul Wang – Viola

Recorded live at Rarefied Recording

Engineered by David Feldman, Roy Silverstein & Dave Medina

Signal Flow

Kick -> AKG D112 -> dbx 160X -> API 560

Snare 1 -> Josephson e22s -> Purple Audio MC77

Snare 2 -> Shure SM57 ->Universal Audio 1176

Electronic Drum Pads -> Rolls DI

Synth/Sampler -> Rolls DI

Upright Bass -> Neumann U67 -> Universal Audio LA-3A

Electrip Bass -> Electrovoice RE-20 + Tonecraft 363 -> Highland Dynamics BG2

Cello -> AKG C414 EB -> Skibbe Electronics “Red Stripe” 5-9C + A-Designs REDDI tube direct box

Violin -> Beyerdynamic MC930 -> Smart Research C1

Viola -> Beyerdynamic MC930 -> Smart Research C1

Vocoder -> Rolls DI

Nina Vocal -> Heil Sound PR-40 -> ADR Compex F760X-RS re-issue + Demeter Real Reverb

Caitlin Vocal -> Heil Sound PR-20 -> ADR Compex F760X-RS re-issue + Demeter Real Reverb

All tracks -> AMS-Neve Genesys (using on-board mic preamps) -> Neve 33609J/D -> Pultec (Pulse Techniques) EQM-1S3 -> Burl B2 Bomber ADC -> Pro Tools