I met Farhad when I saw him perform a few months ago at the library with Stacy and another musician playing a traditional middle eastern drum.  I was so impressed with his repertoire, the originality, and the consummate craftsmanship that everyone clearly brought to playing this music, which is a unique addition to San Diego’s music scene.  When I invited him to record, he told me that he wanted to bring a bigger group of musicians, but I was unprepared for the people that he brought to the studio.  Omar, Louis and Fernando are regular players in jazz jams around town and are veterans of many heavy-hitting local groups (i.e. B-Side Players, Steph Johnson and more).  Farhad set them up to jam out for us let them cook up some magic.  It was a pleasure watching them put together these tunes pretty much as they went along, and you can hear them making it up and feeling the songs out with each other.  Stacey and Saba both have stunning voices that also really shine on the tracks they appear on here.  Enjoy the music, an you can be sure that Farhad will continue to make Persian music around town and to perform with his ever-evolving Dornob Collective.

Farhad Bahrami – Nylon String Guitar
Fernando Gomez – Drums
Omar Lopez – Bass
Louis Valenzuela – Oud, Electric Guitar
Stacey Barnett – Vocals
Saba Balchi – Vocals

Recorded live at Rarefied Recording
Engineered by David Feldman, Roy Silverstein & Ryan Morse

Signal Flow

Kick -> Shure Beta 52a

Snare -> Electrovoice RE-20

Snare bottom -> Shure SM57 w/ TAB Funkenwerk transformer mod

Rack Tom -> beyerdynamic M160

Floor Tom -> beyerdynamic M160

Drum Overheads -> 2x Peluso P84

Bass -> Sennheiser MD 421 mk II + Tonecraft 363 tube direct box

Electric Guiltar -> AEA R84 + MicMix Master Room XL-305 Spring Reverb

Oud / Nylon String Guitar -> Microtech Gefell UM92.1S

Vocals -> 2x AKG C414 EB -> Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X + MicMix Master Room XL-305 Spring Reverb

Room -> 2x Coles 4038 + AnaMod AM660

All tracks -> AMS-Neve Genesys (using on-board mic preamps) -> Burl B2 Bomber ADC -> Pro Tools